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Level Up - Clear Limits to Creating the Life You Desire


Divine Sight Healing Arts Center
1320 Griffin St E 75215 Dallas United States
All of us have various "broken records" of negative self-talk playing in our heads. This "mental programming" comes from childhood as well as from traumatic experiences throughout life.

It is fear based and it hinders our ability to experience our natural inheritance of well-being, love, abundance and joy. The fear based programming creates "pockets of illusion" in our bodies and minds. It stifles our body's ability to regnerate and heal, AND it blocks our mind's ability to overcome the negativity that shows up in our thoughts.

This mental negativity creates limits to living the lives we desire. It stops or slows our ability to realize our goals and dreams, and it also limits our ability to let go of the past and break old patterns of behavior or relationship patterns that we find ourselves repeating despite conscious efforts to change.

Sometimes we are aware of the fear based programming and sometimes we are unaware of it, but it is always there - running in the background of our lives, creating a "filter of belief" through which our minds and bodies experience life.

We can access our fear based programming (stored in the cells of the body and in the subconscious mind) by using certain Yoga postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama) and powerful limit clearing statements (mantra) to move energy (prana) through the mind/body connection and create a new program based in LOVE that is supportive of a limitLESS life.

As we gently move through stress relieving, immune boosting, chakra balancing and meridian stimulating asana, we incorporate pranayama and English mantras that uplift, encourage and nurture.

Combining certain body movements with breath and truth affirming, LOVE BASED statements allows our cells and our minds to release the fear and replaces it with positive energy. This new "love based programming" supports us in more fully becoming our true selves and realizing our goals and dreams. It creates an environment in the physical body as well as in the emotional body that allows for healing.

You will leave class with new "recordings" playing in your head - ones which nourish your body and soul and help you LOVE YOURSELF through whatever life brings!

If you'd like to Level UP in the comfort of home, there are 4 free classes posted on YouTube: