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5-15 Basic Belly Dance with Anwen


Divine Sight Healing Arts Center
1320 Griffin St E 75215 Dallas United States
June 5th
June 19th
July 3rd
July 17th

This class will introduce you to the basic body isolations and movements of Tribal Fusion belly dance. I will break down each part of the body and teach you how to isolate the muscle groups necessary to create fluid movements and undulations.

Drill patterns will be provided each class to help your mind incorporate such strange, beautiful new movements into the flow of your natural dance.

Belly dance encourages an expanded awareness of one's body and, through the practice, many people report a sense of healing and well-being.

This dance is not limited to those that identify as female gender. It is open to all ages, all body shapes, all skill levels, and all genders! Come prepared to sweat and challenge yourself!

What to wear/bring:
-Water bottle! There is a refill station available.
-Yoga clothes are highly recommended, but whatever you have that's comfortable will work.
-You don't have to show your belly, but if you want to, go ahead!
-Hip scarf, jingles, or anything else that makes you feel good are encouraged. If you want to keep it simple, that's just fine too.

Cost: $15
Cash preferred, but card and check accepted
You can also pay online ahead of time!

No previous experience necessary!
But if you do, this class will be great to work on technique.

This will be a bi-weekly class, so every other Sunday only. There are other workshops available at the center as well. Sign up online to sign the waiver ahead of time and even pay in advance if you'd like!